Greetings From Oregon!

It’s been a while since I have enjoyed a real spring break. Having been out of school for about three years now (Yikes…I’m old), I feel the idea of a spring break is a myth from the past. The last time I traveled anywhere around this time of year was exactly five years ago. My Dad and I went to Washington state to visit my grandparents and then went to Portland on a day trip to see my aunt and cousin. I always hold a special place in my heart for this area.
The scenery is nothing like the East coast. The water is rougher, the trees are more wild and expressive, and the land is craggy and jagged. Mountains watch over the land like gods. Everything is truly breathtaking.

Right at this moment I’m on the edge of the water in Newport, Oregon. It is unlike any beach town I have ever been to. The coastline is full of cliffs and rocks, which are more appealing to me than sand…call me crazy. The plants here also seem like they belong in a Japanese wood block print…they look twisted and alive!

For the next week, I will diligently document my travels through pictures. I have it in my plans to visit some new vegan food establishments once my family and I head to Portland in a few days. I’m preparing myself for many a food coma. Off I go!

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