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Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg Review

     At long last, I was finally able to get my hands on the VeganEgg!  This is the seemingly most sought-after vegan product of the moment.  My boyfriend and I have been trying to buy a package since its release last year, but to no avail.  The VeganEgg has been sold out on Amazon and in stores for a long time now.  Although it’s nice to see how popular and in-demand this product is, it’s frustrating!  I want one too… 😉

We checked on Amazon recently and jumped right on it when we noticed the VeganEgg was available.  It was a landmark moment in vegan history, I dare say.

I finally got a chance to try the VeganEgg out this morning for breakfast (which I rarely can indulge in).  I must say, the hype surrounding this product is definitely well deserved.

     I’ve made tofu scramble countless times since becoming vegan and I’ve had the satisfaction of making an egg-like meal with delicious ingredients and scrumptious flavors.  This, however, was the very first time since 2011 that I felt as if I was cooking actual eggs again.  It was a very strange feeling.

     That looks straight up like scrambled eggs, doesn’t it? Weird.

Making the VeganEgg was a simple process today.  I wanted to make the product as the instructions said to so that I could taste it as it was without fancy additions or techniques getting in the way.  This was tough to do, though.  I always want to tinker!  ^_^

The VeganEgg is fairly simple to make.  All you need is some cold water to mix with the provided powder and voila!  The resulting mixture almost seems like pancake batter in consistency.  In fact, once I poured the batter into my pan, I felt as if I was going to make a pancake.
Once I started to move the mixture around a bit, though, I noticed what all the fuss was about.  EGGS!
The VeganEgg cooks just like regular eggs do for the most part.  It slightly sticks to the sides of the pan, it becomes spongey and fluffy as it firms up, and starts to become fragrant.  Boy, does this stuff smell like eggs.
What I loved most about the product is that it doesn’t overcook easily like real eggs do.  Whenever I would cook real eggs, I would always err on under cooking them (which in hindsight was a terrible idea!) so they would not become rubbery and hard.  The VeganEgg takes a little longer to cook, maybe about 4-5 minutes on medium-low heat.
I added only about 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil in my pan to cook the VeganEgg with and it was perfect.  I seasoned with salt and pepper only in order to keep the flavor integrity of the product.  I felt the flavor was nice but not over-powering.  It was also not overly-eggy, which I think would’ve been a turn off.  I did experience illness several times after eating real eggs and ever since the smell has somewhat deterred me.


The full spread!

     I love how the VeganEgg cooks.  It “browns” a little to add texture to the scramble but does not greatly alter the color.  My scramble was fluffy and light yet slightly drier than normal eggs.  Although, i suppose this is a good thing since real eggs are full of cholesterol.
I liked the plain preparation of the VeganEggs, but I’m itching to do more with them.  Since they retained their shape very well, I think they would be perfect for making omelettes.  When I flipped the VeganEggs initially while cooking, they stayed in a very perfect circle until I broke them up intentionally.  I would love nothing more than to stuff them with mushrooms, spinach and onions next time!  Mmmm…

I had a fun time eating these VeganEggs with a nutritious vegan breakfast of a baked sweet potato, sauteed baby kale, and two slices of toast slathered with vegan butter and persimmon jam.  Oh, I made some coffee too in my V60! 😉
Since I don’t eat a full breakfast too often, I like to go a little nuts when I make it at home.  I figured this was a special occasion, so why not?

     In short, I absolutely recommend the VeganEgg.  I haven’t used it for any other purpose except scrambling, but that was enough to sell me!  Don’t be surprised to see new posts coming soon of baked goods, quiche, frittatas, omelettes, or anything else you could possibly do with eggs.  I’m headed deep into vegan egg land and I don’t expect to come back until I’ve explored every corner of it!

Happy breakfasting, everyone!  If you have any suggestions as to what I should make next with the VeganEgg, let me know!  I’m down for it all.

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