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Mochi “Chicken” Nuggets

     Last year for VeganMoFo, I ventured to make my own mochi from scratch and it was tasty!  Sometimes, though, I want mochi for a snack and I’m not able to make it myself.  I try not to buy the prepared mochi desserts as they contain a scary amount of sugar!  When I was in cooking school, my instructor Christine introduced the class to a great brand called Grainaissance that makes mochi for cooking at home and it’s made with wholesome ingredients and brown rice.  ​

     I grabbed a pack one day just to have in case I needed a quick breakfast one morning.  What I ended up doing with said pack will amaze you!
I cut the block of mochi in half and prepared it 2 ways: one sweet and traditional and one savory and crazy!  If you’re feeling one resulting mochi over the other, feel free to prepare your entire block that way.  I wanted a little of both, as usual, so I went a little nuts.
The mochi “chicken” nuggets that I’m highlighting here are surprisingly easy to make.  I love that mochi is naturally sticky so all you need to do to get something to stick to it is coat it in a little water.  No egg wash needed!  ^_^
The breading that I created definitely tastes like the outside of a chicken nugget.  The texture of the fried mochi is slightly more firm than a mozzarella stick.  So, if you’re into mozzarella sticks and/or chicken (or meat-free chicken) nuggets, try this recipe.  It’s much less processed, contains no soy, has whole grains, fiber and protein and is absolutely delicious.  The mochi nuggets came out crunchy on the outside (and I mean, crunchyyy!) and soft and chewy on the inside.  It’s a great snack for watching football, too (if you’re into that).
The kinako mochi is very simple to make and is a great accompaniment to tea or coffee.  These little bites are slightly sweetened with coconut sugar to highlight the nutty flavor of the kinako.  It’s a great way to enjoy something sweet without overindulging.

Mochi “Chicken” Nuggets

Yield: 2 servings
Free from: Gluten, Sugar, SoyIngredients

  • 1/2 block prepared mochi, cut into 6 strips (baked at 450 F for 8 minutes and cooled)
  • 1/4 cup refined coconut oil (or other preferred frying oil)
  • 2 Tb gluten-free tempura dry mix (I used HOL-Grain)/GF all purpose flour
  • 1 Tb nutritional yeast
  • 1/4 tsp crushed dried rosemary
  • generous pinch salt
  • dash garlic powder
  • pinch dried basil
  • room temp. water (small bowl full)



  1. Prepare the breading mixture: mix tempura flour, nutritional yeast, rosemary, salt, garlic and basil in a medium sized bowl.
  2. Heat your coconut oil in a medium sized saucepan over medium heat until a drop of water sizzles in it, about 2 minutes.
  3. Coat each strip of mochi in water and shake off excess.
  4. Roll the mochi strips in the breading mixture, making sure to coat them as evenly and thoroughly as possible.
  5. Fry 2-3 strips at a time, about 1 minute per side in the coconut oil until the breading turns golden brown and they become crunchy on the outside.
  6. Drain the fried mochi strips on parchment paper until cool enough to serve.
  7. Serve immediately with dipping sauce or with a meal.


To make your mochi sweet, cut into cubes (as pictured above, if desired) and bake at 450 degrees F for 8 minutes.  Mix equal parts (I used about a tablespoon of each) coconut sugar and kinako powder (can be found in Asian markets or online) in a small bowl.  Just like the previous recipe, wet each piece of mochi with some room temperature water and roll in the kinako powder mixture.  Enjoy right away with your favorite beverage.  ^_^

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