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MoFo 2: Quick and Easy Rice Noodle Soup

     This MoFo prompt is my kind of low-key meal!

I love to cook, don’t get me wrong.  😉
But, some days and nights are busy.  I hate to make a ton of dirty dishes just to feed myself.  My favorite quick and easy food used to be instant ramen in my younger days.  This bowl of rice noodle soup is similar in taste but much healthier!

I’ve given you some photos of the most simple way to make rice noodle soup with basic pantry ingredients (well, if you keep these in your pantry…which you should!).  Having tamari or soy sauce on hand will really help make your broth flavorful and rich.  If you have liquid aminos, that will do just as well!  I also dissolved some white miso into mine for extra flavor, salt and health benefits.  This is optional, unless you have miso lying around!

The point of this meal is to be easy, right?  I say, if you’ve got it, throw it in!  I had some leftover strips of carrot that I had cut up, some baby kale, wakame, and some spices (garlic, lemongrass, chili flakes).  You can throw frozen veggies in, tofu, tempeh, or whatever you fancy. ​😍

I just eyeballed all of my ingredients going into the bowl.  Taste as you add, making sure the salt level and flavor is to your liking.  Once you have all of your noodles, veggies and other delights in the bowl, pour freshly boiled water over everything to submerge it.     Just let the bowl of noodles sit for about 5 minutes and check to make sure your noodles are soft.  If not, let sit for another couple of minutes and they should be ready to eat!A bowl of soup that cooks itself?

Sign me up.  🍜

Here are the photos of the entire process from start to finish of this soup.  There is no actual recipe here, so take this as inspiration for your next quick and easy meal!  ​💕

     When I add miso to a soup, I always take a spoon and dilute it with a little of the hot water.  This helps the miso dissolve into the soup evenly and avoids it clumping up and sinking to the bottom.
     Finished product!  ​😋

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