MoFo 3: The Tasty, My Local Vegan Diner

     Where do I want to eat when I want someone else to cook for me?

The answer for this post didn’t come easily at all, but if I had​ to pick…

     I would absolutely have to pick The Tasty.   Debuting earlier this year as a highly anticipated Philly vegan diner, The Tasty has gained momentum and is now traveling at warp speed into the realms of plant based deliciousness.  They’ve expanded their already amazing offerings to specialty coffee drinks, baked goods, and seasonal specials.  Everything on their menu echoes what one would find at a regular diner in and around the area: sandwiches, waffles, omelets,  breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, salads and appetizers.  It’s immensely satisfying to be able to go eat brunch or breakfast somewhere when, as a vegan, eating those meals out is very difficult at mainstream restaurants.

I can only picture my sad breakfast options at other diners: fruit cups, dry toast, bagels, and maybe oatmeal if it’s made without milk or butter.  I guess you can technically count hash browns, but they are so often contaminated by shared cooking surfaces that they don’t really appeal to me anymore. ​😥


And then, you see her.

     So when I visit The Tasty (pretty often), I usually go for veganized omelets or tofu scrambles of delicious veggies, non-dairy cheese and vegan meat subs.  These aren’t items I use at home very often, so I figure why not go all out if I’m not cooking?  😏

I snapped a photo for you of their spinach and soysauge omelet.  It’s absolutely to die for if you like savory spices, caramelized onions, and fresh spinach glued together by vegan mozzarella and pillowed by the most soft and fluffy egg-free omelet you’ve ever dreamed of.  I think it’s a mixture of chickpea flour and tofu judging by the texture, but I could be wrong! 😜

If the omelet isn’t enough food, they pile home fries on the other half of the plate for good measure.  They’re crispy and soft at the same time, just the way I like them.  They’re also seasoned with something wonderful, so every bite you take is going to be a good one.  There are many more amazing dishes on the menu that I’ve had before.  Here are a few of them to tempt you: vegan mozzarella sticks, Caesar salad, breakfast burrito, PB&J french toast, biscuits and gravy, tater tots…you get the idea.

​     Heading over to Philly yet?  I’ll be back next week.  😉🐷


I had to give you some close ups…mmmm.

The second photo shows a huge glorious piece of caramelized onion. 😍👄

There are also lots of awesome things to look at inside and outside of The Tasty.  Their sandwich board is always on point, which you can see from the first photo I featured.  They also have a parade of dogs walking outside when it’s nice out.  You can’t beat that.

Inside, there are whimsical decorations that seem to be things that you may find in either your grandmother’s house or your friendly punk’s house.  There are also some cute handmade art pieces like this adorable clock.

The winking toast is everywhere, too.  I like to think that they’re congratulating me on my meal decision.  ​🍞😉

     They also serve coffee in mismatched mugs that you might find in your own cupboard, which is a nice homey touch.  The staff and owners are very friendly too, so make sure you say hi and ask for their recommendations!  This place is just about as comfortable as going to a friend’s place for brunch (or whatever meal you choose).
Next time you’re in Philly, make sure to give The Tasty a try.  Try not to order the whole menu at once. ​😜


Yes, that sign said “Carrot Lox” and “Apple Cider Float”. I drooled a little.

4 thoughts on “MoFo 3: The Tasty, My Local Vegan Diner

  1. That looks lovely! I also love ordering vegan omelettes whenever I see them on a menu, because I almost never make them at home. PB&J French toast might lure me in another direction though!


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