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MoFo 10: Gluten Free Pecan Pie

​     For my “fall tradition”, I’m featuring pecan pie!     My mom’s birthday is about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  She’s never been much of a sweet lover.  She doesn’t care for cake either.  She does, however, love pecan pie.  When I first went vegan, I started making pies for her birthday each year.  I usually matke everyone in my family their birthday treat…it’s sort of my thing. 😉
I was initially afraid to make pecan pie as a new vegan.  I had also never made it before, vegan or otherwise.  Regular pecan pie calls for tons of eggs and butter.  I was happy to replace those with other ingredients, but unsure of where to start.
I usually mix up what type of flavors I add to the pie I make every year.  I’ve listed a few examples below.  However, I always come back to the same base recipe that I used initially when I was a lost baker on a mission: The Post Punk Kitchen’s.   Isa Chandra is a bit of a vegan icon and she was my go-to source for all vegan baked goods and food staples, like tofu scramble and homemade seitan.  I knew I could count on her pecan pie recipe to be amazing.
The filling is great.  It’s basically a caramel with some thickeners added to create that crispy, chewy and molasses-infused goodness that suspends the pecans as they brown in the oven.  It’s quite amazing how something so simple can taste so complex after being cooked.  Over the past few years, I’ve used coconut palm sugar instead of cane sugar and the result has been incredible.  I definitely recommend trying it!
For my crust, I stick to basic one.  I have a great recipe for one here on the blog for your reference, or you can use your own tried and true crust recipe (or store bought). 😛
So, here they are in all their glory.  My pecan pies from this year and years past.  Enjoy and maybe whip one up yourself for Thanksgiving.  ​🤗
     This pie is from 2014.  I added some dark spiced rum into the filling for an extra kick.  ​🔥
     This is 2015’s chocolate pecan pie.  The crust was to die for! ​🍫
     And, this year’s.  I used coconut oil in the crust this time…not my favorite texture, I must say.  The filling was great, though.  Other than the cinnamon and coconut sugar on top, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this one.

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