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Pretty in Pink Pancakes

This is a very short post that features a simple yet indulgent recipe for one. I woke up today craving sweets, which isn’t normal for me. What more could I do but make cake inspired breakfast treats? 😻🍰
These pancakes are about silver dollar sized, slightly pink thanks to beet juice, and somewhat healthy! The batter is: oil free, refined sugar free, gluten free and full of vanilla flavor. If these are too girly for you or your guests’ taste, you can certainly omit the best juice and opt for plain looking cakes.
I topped mine with a huge dollop of frosting, which you can use whatever you like for the fat component. I used vegan butter but feel free to make it healthier by subbing coconut oil, nut or seed butter, coconut cream or aquafaba. I kept the portion small for a single serving. If you plan to serve more than one person, double or even quadruple the recipe! Serve with smiles. 😊💕

Pretty in Pink Pancakes

Yield: 4 Silver Dollar Pancakes
Adapted from Homemade Dorayaki
Free from: Gluten, Soy*, Refined Sugar**▫️1/4 cup gluten free AP flour
▫️2 Tb brown rice flour
▫️2 Tb tapioca flour
▫️1 1/2 tsp stevia
▫️ 2 tsp baking powder
▫️1/4 tsp salt
▫️1/4 tsp xanthan gum
▫️1/3 cup non dairy milk* Use soy-free if needed
▫️2 Tb maple syrup
▫️1/2 tsp vanilla extractInstructions

▫️Measure all dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
▫️Whisk the wet ingredients into the dry briskly until no lumps remain.
▫️Heat some coconut or other oil of choice in a medium or large skillet on medium-low heat.
▫️Cook about 2 Tb of batter at a time for about 1 minute per side. Let cool on a plate until ready to serve if using frosting or eat right away!
▫️For the frosting (no recipe required), just whip 1/4 cup of fat of choice (vegan butter*, nut/seed butter, coconut cream, aquafaba) until smooth. I used a hand mixer but you can use a food processor, blender, or stand mixer. Add 1/2 cup of vegan powdered sugar** and beat until fluffy. Thin out with non dairy milk or vanilla extract if desired.
▫️Garnish with sprinkles or fresh fruit and enjoy. You deserve it. 😘💖🍰☕️

**Omit for truly refined sugar-free

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