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Turmeric Rice Bowl

yellowrice copy

Today’s prompt for VeganMofo is all about color.  I chose a color that I normally don’t like in any other context except when it comes to foods.  Some of my favorite foods happen to be yellow.  However, I don’t like to wear yellow clothing or use yellow in my decorating.  I have nothing against the color, of course…I just prefer other more cool colors.

This bowl, though.

The yellow is all over this bowl.  I started with a base of turmeric sushi rice and then built it from there.  What I love about rice bowls is their flexibility.  I almost always have some sort of rice on hand in the pantry and it cooks so quickly.  The Japanese sushi rice I used here takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how you cook it.  I usually steam mine on the stove if I don’t have a rice cooker handy.  You can also use an Instant Pot if you have one (or other slow cooker).  I find that making the rice on the stove is easiest.

Once your rice is cooked, the world is your rice bowl (oysters aren’t vegan!).  I chopped up some of my favorite yellow summer veggies and nestled them up close to one another to create a nourishing and simple bowl that I seasoned with salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and gomashio (sesame salt).  As you may notice in the recipes to come, I have been avoiding added oils in my cooking for the most part.  I only really consume oils if they are in a processed food (which I try to consume minimally) or if they are in the food I’m eating out somewhere.  Trying to find satisfying vegan options at a restaurant is tough enough without adding oil-free in the mix.  When I can, though, I eat a lower fat diet.  Any fats I cook or bake with will be from a whole plant as much as possible.

This bowl is great because you can add a dressing or sauce if you would like.  I think a nice turmeric tahini sauce would be lovely.  If you don’t want to be yellow through and through though, try some hot sauce or salsa on top and spice it up.  What is your favorite food color?



Turmeric Rice Bowl

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 1 cup uncooked rice (I used white sushi)
  • 1 1/3 cup water
  • splash rice wine vinegar, optional
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • pinch salt, optional

Vegetable Accompaniments

  • 4 yellow baby tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 yellow squash, sliced into ribbons with vegetable peeler/knife
  • 1/2 yellow sweet bell pepper, julienned


  • 1 teaspoon nutritional yeast, optional
  • salt and pepper, to taste, optional
  • gomashio, to taste, optional



  1. Pour rice and water into a medium saucepan and put on the stove.  Turn the heat up to medium-high.
  2. Add the turmeric powder, vinegar and salt to the pan if using.
  3. Put a lid on the pan and continue to heat through until the water begins to boil.  Once it does, turn the heat all the way down to a simmer and leave like this for about 15 minutes.  You may have to crack the lid a bit to allow the steam to escape.
  4. Once the rice is done and all the liquid is evaporated, turn the heat off and leave the lid on until you are done prepping your veggies.
  5. Assemble the vegetables in a shallow bowl and season to taste.  Once they are done, add about 1/3 cup of rice to the bowl and season that as well.
  6. Marvel at the yellow glory before digging in.

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