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Childhood Lunch Makeover: Cheese Sandwiches

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Today and tomorrow I’m doing my own prompts.  I’m going off the rails a little; I hope that’s okay.  I just always eat leftovers and they honestly look terrible but taste amazing so I wanted to create something a little more visually appealing and creative.  The prompts for the next two days will be “What’s in your lunch box?”.  For today’s lunch, I decided to recreate the same thing that I ate for almost my entire school career up until high school.

When I was a kid, I decided that I wanted to make my lunch.  I would actually tell my mom not to because I wanted to make it so badly.  That’s where this all began…

So, unfortunately, I wasn’t as skilled back then as I am now in the kitchen.  I literally made almost the same thing every day: cheese sandwiches.  That’s simply: bread and sliced American cheese.  Nothing else.  I would throw some fruit snacks/carrots/chips/beef jerky in there on the side but other than that, I would eat a cheese sandwich.  Like an un-grilled grilled cheese.  Sounds pretty boring, I know, but I loved it.

In fact, I still do love cheese sandwiches.  I just don’t eat nasty American cheese anymore.  I’ve switched to the non-dairy stuff and I must say it’s pretty great.  Much better than the mystery rubber slices I used to eat.  Follow Your Heart has a great American slice and is my favorite on the market at the moment.  I haven’t tasted another brand that I like better.  I layered them on my sandwich between two slices of original Ezekiel bread, clover sprouts and a slice of locally grown tomato.  Can’t beat that in the summer, IMO.


The other elements of my childhood lunch are two types of processed foods that I loved growing up.  I loved cheese puffs as a kid.  I really enjoyed Cheetos to be specific.  They are absolutely terrible and I would never eat them now, but I loved their crunchy texture.  I like to buy relatively “healthy” versions of them now like Hippeas and these Skinny Pop ones that I found.  Hippeas have savory flavors while Skinny Pop has a cinnamon flavor that I used for my post today because they’re delicious.  If I’m going for a processed snack these days, I prefer non-GMO (optimally organic) and a short ingredient list.  I love that these cinnamon puffs have a unique flavor.

The second snack that I recreated is a little more strange, but something I looked forward to buying every time I went into one of those huge candy stores: chocolate covered gummies.  I don’t really care for gummies on their own, but if they have chocolate on them, I’m all about them.  I like Annie’s fruit snacks because they’re certified organic and contain no gelatin.  Annie’s also uses fruit and veggie extracts for their coloring which I appreciate.  I chose the summer strawberry flavor for my post today because they’re seasonally relevant and I adore strawberry and chocolate together.

I simply spread the bunnies out on a piece of parchment, melted some chocolate, and let them go for a dip in the melted chocolate.  I froze them as is and they were ready the next afternoon (though if you wanted them sooner, they would probably be done within an hour or so).  The texture is wonderful: a bit of a creaminess and snap from the chocolate shell and a chewy center.  The flavors go so well together: bittersweetness and bright tartness.  A child version of myself would definitely like this, although minus the sprouts perhaps.  It took me a while to come around to those.  😉🌱



2 thoughts on “Childhood Lunch Makeover: Cheese Sandwiches

  1. I didn’t know the bunnies were vegan! Those look so good coated in chocolate. I can find something similar at a local market that sells a lot of Polish food, but if I had to make them myself I might not indulge so much.

    Your sandwich is really beautiful, too. I wish I could warm up to sprouts, but they’re not my favorite, unfortunately. But I could definitely see eating that sandwich with a good pile of shredded lettuce instead! Have you had Chao? The Follow Your Heart is excellent American cheese, but when that wasn’t available I used Chao for all my American cheese needs.

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    1. Yes they are! It’s awesome!! Thank you! Yeah I understand sprouts have a unique texture I wasn’t too keen on at first either. I love Chao! That would be the best substitute for this sandwich I’d say. I just wanted to stick with the “American” theme.


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