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Vegan Fruit Sando

This post is less of a recipe and more of a brilliant idea. I’ve only recently found out what a fruit sando is: a Japanese ingenious snack/dessert that is so simple yet so genius it will make your head spin. Well, if you like fruit and whipped cream, that is.

I love both and fancy myself a fan of Japanese desserts. I’ve recreated some on this blog before, so definitely check them out if you are interested. The fruit sando is really just a sandwich, but it looks like two slices of beautiful fluffy cake with fruit jewels and luscious whipped cream in between their layers. The whipped cream I’ve made is a simple whipped coconut cream, which if you don’t know how to make by now, you should just search it. A very simple beating of full-fat coconut cream and some sweetener will provide a whipped cream that rivals its dairy cousin.

The fruit you put inside can be varied. Most of the photos I’ve found feature strawberries and kiwi. I had both as well as blueberries. I used them all here, but use whatever fruit you have around. I’m definitely making a banana flavored sando in the near future…maybe for breakfast, who knows?

No recipe here! Just make (or buy) some vegan whipped cream and desired fruit and some soft bread. I used Ener-G gluten-free texas toast. The loaf is small but made of extra thick slices that are soft and have a slight sourdough flavor to them, which helps off-set the sweetness of the filling ingredients. 10/10 would eat again!

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