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Hot Buttered Apples

I’m somewhat following the prompt today by making a dish featured in my newest video game obsession – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Having never played a Zelda game myself (though watched several of my friends play them throughout the years), I always thought I would enjoy BOTW for its open world game play concept. I was absolutely right. I picked it up one night just for something to do, and from then on, I was hooked. I’ve since beaten the game and continue to play it just to finish everything that I possibly can: side quests, shrines, DLC, you name it. Oh, yeah, and COOKING!

One of my favorite parts of this game is cooking, which is necessary if you want to regain health during your adventures. Losing health during a battle can be easily remedied or buffed by eating a certain type of meal. Not only does food revive your health, it can give you specific boosts to your attack, defense, speed, and other skills. There are many recipes in the game that are mostly realistic to throwing various items in a pot of water and cooking them. Other recipes seem to come out of left field – they’re fantastic, though. Monster cake, anyone?

The ones that I’ve decided to do center around my fruit theme for the year. They aren’t really difficult recipes, but they are plant-based and accessible. Anyone can recreate them if they want, and they are nourishing and delicious. If I was out adventuring and slaying bokoblins all day, I’d love to sit down to a meal of hot buttered apples. That’s what I’ve made for you today!

Just take an apple of choice (or more, depending on how many servings you’d like), cut it into bite-sized pieces, and fry with some non-dairy butter/oil/non-dairy milk and flavor with some sugar, cinnamon and salt. I essentially made a non-thickened apple pie filling. You can thicken it if you’d like, but I wanted to keep mine more minimalist. It was delicious on its own but I’m definitely adding the leftovers to some oatmeal tomorrow!

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