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Fried Bananas

Today’s my last recipe taken from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are so many recipes to recreate from this game, and I’d love to do more, so stay tuned as I might create more in the coming months. I’d love to do veggie rice balls and a monster cake!

This recipe is so simple but something I would never think to make myself. Fried bananas can be found in some Japanese restaurants in the U.S. with tempura batter on them and served with ice cream. The fried banana recipe from the game consists of might bananas, sugar cane and wheat. What that translates to for me in the real world is: bananas coated in a fine layer of flour and sugar and fried in vegan butter. YUM.

The resulting banana that came out of the pan was slightly soft, caramelized and sticky sweet. It was perfect on its own but would’ve been great sprinkled with some chopped nuts and a scoop of non-dairy ice cream. The next time I have some leftover ripe bananas, I’m throwing them in a pan. No doubt.

Not much of a recipe here. I made a mixture of equal parts flour and brown sugar (add a pinch of salt, if desired) and coated a skinned banana (ripe preferably). I heated some Earth Balance in a pan to a medium-low temp and put the banana down in there. Cook it on each side for about 2 minutes or until it starts to brown. When you’ve reached desired color/consistency, remove from the pan and serve hot!

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