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Peanut Noodles for One

     This weekend and upcoming week will surely be hectic for everyone preparing for the holidays.  I've been doing some last minute chores today and suddenly realized I had skipped lunch.  💀 Since I knew I couldn't starve in the name of gift wrapping, I whipped up a single serving of peanut noodles and… Continue reading Peanut Noodles for One

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Mofo 8: Gothic Purple Soup with Eggplant Chips

     Today's color scheme is "goth" inspired...I went with purple, since I happened to find a bag of organic purple sweet potatoes one day.  It was a very exciting find.  I've never tried these little guys before...I'm sure I'll love them just as much as their orange and white cousins!  Sweet potatoes are a… Continue reading Mofo 8: Gothic Purple Soup with Eggplant Chips

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Butternut & Sage Olive Oil Muffins

I've spent many a Thanksgiving wondering what to bake for a savory side to soak up excess mushroom gravy.  I always make something different every year.  I usually rotate between biscuits, cornbread, rolls, or mini croissants.  This year I decided to make a bit of it all (well, maybe not including the croissant part! ^_^').… Continue reading Butternut & Sage Olive Oil Muffins

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Vegan Texas Fudge

The original recipe...full of stuff I don't eat! t This recipe is a doozy! I've attempted to recreate the most NOT VEGAN recipe I've ever eaten!  This casserole/dip/frittata/breakfast bake/brunch thing (I honestly don't know what to call it!) is a recipe from my great Aunt.  I remember my mom asking for this recipe after Christmas… Continue reading Vegan Texas Fudge

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Frankenstein Muffins

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!     I've enjoyed all the previous pumpkin posts (PPP's, if you will), but I wanted to do something different for my Halloween recipe this year.  What's a better way to celebrate the holiday that revolves around sugar with the healthiest and most naturally delicious muffins you can make that also happen to resemble… Continue reading Frankenstein Muffins

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MoFo Day 30: Chipotle Risotto & Beans

It's the last day of VeganMoFo 2015!!!! ='(     I'm very sad to see this month come to an end.  Even though I faced a bit of a challenge making sure I posted every day while working full time, I managed to pull it off!  Phew! Although it was tiring, it was the most fun… Continue reading MoFo Day 30: Chipotle Risotto & Beans

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MoFo Day 26: Caramelized Leek & Onion Miso Soup

For my rainy/snowy/generally dreary day meal, I'm going to make some broth and put stuff in it.     I love soups of all types, all year round.  The best time for soup, though is the fall and winter for me.  I love coming inside from the cold to a bowl (or sometimes cup!) of piping… Continue reading MoFo Day 26: Caramelized Leek & Onion Miso Soup