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Buckwheat Banana Bread

  This is my response to the "unconventional grains" prompt!  I love to bake with different grain flours often since most of my baking is gluten-free.  I've experimented with all types of grain flours and some grain-free as well.  I find that there is no "one" magical flour that can be substituted for wheat flour… Continue reading Buckwheat Banana Bread

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Vegan MoFo: Sprouted Spiced Black Bean Nachos

     I know, I is supposed to be "junk food forever" themed.  Nachos are a classic party food that can be as junky as you want.  Having nachos drowned in dairy cheese, sour cream and other fattening ingredients is junk, for sure.  I decided to take today's prompt and "de-junk" nachos so that… Continue reading Vegan MoFo: Sprouted Spiced Black Bean Nachos

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Date Carob Rock Cakes

     Rock cakes immediately remind me of Rubeus Hagrid, the lovable half giant from Harry Potter.  When I looked for a rock cake recipe ages ago, I was shocked to see how simple they were to make.  As a child, I always pictured rock cakes as something unappealing to eat that people always made anyway… Continue reading Date Carob Rock Cakes

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Gluten Free Beet Orange Pound Cake

     It's been a while! 😊 After making some drastic life changes and moving (again), I've gotten back into the kitchen for more fun!  If anyone has been checking out my Instagram feed, you can see that I've been all over.  I'm exploring my new area's vegan offerings, seasonal produce, and local markets for delicious… Continue reading Gluten Free Beet Orange Pound Cake

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Chunky Monkey Cookies

This cookie recipe is one from my BHG archives. My mom and I always used their "New Cookbook" (published in the early 90's I believe) for our Christmas cookie recipes back in the day. This cookbook has any type of cookie you could possibly desire with easy and simple to follow recipes. Making their baking… Continue reading Chunky Monkey Cookies

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MoFo 12: Mint Chocolate Pixie Cookies

     Holiday baking is something that I normally go overboard on...but I feel so behind today!  I know it's only the Monday after Thanksgiving, but I feel like Christmas is already here.  Lights and decorations are going up all around me and all I have to show are two dish towels with reindeer on… Continue reading MoFo 12: Mint Chocolate Pixie Cookies