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No Salt Added Sushi Burritos

For today's low/no salt prompt, I made something that's often needlessly packed with sodium: sushi.  I also made it as something that's also high in added sodium: burritos.  Bring it. So, I love sushi and I love to get it out places since I almost always can guarantee its vegan status.  The ingredients are often… Continue reading No Salt Added Sushi Burritos

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Tempeh Beet Burgers

For the "...but protein" prompt today, I made some burgers.  There's nothing quite as anti-vegan as ground up meat so I've made my beloved tempeh burger with some beet in it to make it look a little more "convincing" to someone who might be skeptical of vegan burgers.  I've had the pleasure of trying the… Continue reading Tempeh Beet Burgers

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MoFo Day 24: Vegan Fettuccine with “Clam” Sauce

So, my post for today is featuring a dish that I think Rachael Ray would love if she were to eat a vegan meal. Why I chose Rachael, you ask?     Well, for one, I love her. She has been a very influential person for me with regards to how I've learned about food preparation… Continue reading MoFo Day 24: Vegan Fettuccine with “Clam” Sauce

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Lotus Root Miso Soup

I have been continuing to welcome spring with light, cleansing dishes (for the most part! ^_^').  I recently found myself in my local Asian market looking for new things to cook with.  I found some lotus root, which I have tried before in a tea/broth form.  When I attended Natural Kitchen Cooking School, one of… Continue reading Lotus Root Miso Soup