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Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie

It's a perfect autumn day.  I've got a pumpkin candle burning, hot coffee and a turtleneck.  What could be more perfect?     Oh, pie?  Yeah, that would be cool. I'm going to begin my long string of posts leading up to Thanksgiving with a pie recipe.  This pie isn't your typical holiday fruit or squash… Continue reading Raspberry Coconut Cream Pie

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Frankenstein Muffins

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!     I've enjoyed all the previous pumpkin posts (PPP's, if you will), but I wanted to do something different for my Halloween recipe this year.  What's a better way to celebrate the holiday that revolves around sugar with the healthiest and most naturally delicious muffins you can make that also happen to resemble… Continue reading Frankenstein Muffins

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Sugar Free Pumpkin & Apple Parfaits

My two favorite pie flavors, combined into one delicious dessert/snack/breakfast treat!      Fall is in full swing now.  I can feel the chills in the air where I am, especially when the sun is down!  I've started wearing boots and scarves.  I absolutely love it! ^_^ This recipe is a very simple one that… Continue reading Sugar Free Pumpkin & Apple Parfaits

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Vegan Swiss Meringue Buttercream

When I first became enamored with baking cakes and cupcakes, I struggled to match them with a good icing recipe.  Even as a non-vegan hobby baker, I had a pretty strong dislike for most icing that I could make.    The standard American buttercream (usually a mixture between shortening and/or butter and powdered sugar with… Continue reading Vegan Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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MoFo Day 9: Apricot Halva Cookies

     This retro recipe is inspired by a few things for me.  I wanted to pick a recipe that reminded me of my grandparents.  I picked halva because it is one of my grandpa's favorite treats and I always thought it was weird as a kid (and it's also a totally ancient that's retro!).… Continue reading MoFo Day 9: Apricot Halva Cookies

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MoFo Day 3: Banana Stuffed French Toast For One

     Stuffed french toast may sound fancy, but it really isn't if you have some basic things on hand. This is MoFo Day 2: Quick, Easy & Delicious!!! I wouldn't dupe you, I promise. You may recall ::erhem:: from what I posted yesterday that I recently baked some gluten-free bread.  I posted the recipe… Continue reading MoFo Day 3: Banana Stuffed French Toast For One