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Maple Pecan Crunch Gingerbread

I was trying to figure out what type of quick bread to make for the holidays this year.  I always gravitate towards the same flavors like carrot, chocolate or date.  However, I decided to mix it up this year with a quick bread that I actually haven't made in quite a long time.  It's really… Continue reading Maple Pecan Crunch Gingerbread

Desserts · Gluten-free · Holidays

Ginger Oatmeal Crunch Cookies

     Well, it's that time in December where I go baking crazy (as if I wasn't already!).  I'm beginning the cookie and cake bonanza with these delicious little oatmeal cookies.  They're made from a recipe that I have veganized and made gluten-free from my favorite Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  It yields a delicate… Continue reading Ginger Oatmeal Crunch Cookies