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Vegan High Tea

Today, I'm definitely going fancy for Vegan Mofo! My theme is "inexpensive high tea snacks". I love tea of any kind and any time of day, but there's something wonderful about the ritual of an afternoon tea break. I usually drink tea at work when the people traffic slows a bit to recharge after the… Continue reading Vegan High Tea

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Butternut & Sage Olive Oil Muffins

I've spent many a Thanksgiving wondering what to bake for a savory side to soak up excess mushroom gravy.  I always make something different every year.  I usually rotate between biscuits, cornbread, rolls, or mini croissants.  This year I decided to make a bit of it all (well, maybe not including the croissant part! ^_^').… Continue reading Butternut & Sage Olive Oil Muffins

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Frankenstein Muffins

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!     I've enjoyed all the previous pumpkin posts (PPP's, if you will), but I wanted to do something different for my Halloween recipe this year.  What's a better way to celebrate the holiday that revolves around sugar with the healthiest and most naturally delicious muffins you can make that also happen to resemble… Continue reading Frankenstein Muffins

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Vegan MOFO 2014: Theme and Homemade Onigiri

Happy Vegan MOFO, everyone!       I feel like it's a holiday!  It is, in actuality, a holiday.  It's definitely Labor Day but I care more about the vegan month of food than that.  I spent today off from work but working in my kitchen all the same.  I prepared some deliciousness to share with… Continue reading Vegan MOFO 2014: Theme and Homemade Onigiri