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Vegan High Tea

Today, I'm definitely going fancy for Vegan Mofo! My theme is "inexpensive high tea snacks". I love tea of any kind and any time of day, but there's something wonderful about the ritual of an afternoon tea break. I usually drink tea at work when the people traffic slows a bit to recharge after the… Continue reading Vegan High Tea

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MoFo Day 2: Ichiban Cinnamon Toast

MoFo Day 2: recreate a meal from childhood      So, this prompt was pretty easy for me to figure out.  I was a very picky eater as a kid, which I'm sure many people can sympathize with.  I was very wary of new flavors and new foods.  I had a huge sweet tooth.  I… Continue reading MoFo Day 2: Ichiban Cinnamon Toast